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Need information on careers and their related-information, Bursaries & other Financial Aid, Where to Study etc. phone The Ultimate Career Guide, Tel 078 169 7903 or send an email with your questions to helanie@ibatur.co.za

Our product, The Ultimate Career Guide is distributed to at least 5 000 schools country-wide, with approximately 900 learners per school (4 500 000 learners). Life Orientation is a compulsory subject and learners need to attend classes. It is estimated that our publication is used at least four times a month about 12 Million Views/Month). This is apart from all other users in libraries, tertiary educational institutions, personnel agencies, psychologists, individuals considering changing their careers, etc. Every edition is updated, expanded and packed with career and career-related information. 13 Individual Volumes (Volumes 1-10 comprising the usual 10 Main Categories, Vol 11 being career-related information, Vol 12 supplying the Index to Careers; Volume 13 will provide all Bursaries and other Financial Aid). We remain dedicated to supplying up-to-date, relevant and essential educational information to all our users within and beyond our borders. Published by IBATUR Education cc - a house of learning - welcoming people to a multiplicity of opportunities, upliftment, and the journey of becoming their own teacher by returning to core values, and connecting with a sense of purpose.


Our Contact Details:

IBATUR Education cc,

PO Box 636 Lonehill 2062.

Registration No. 2008/154448/23

Alba Delport: Tel: 083 332 9584

Email: Helanie du Toit at helanie@ibatur.co.za for your enquiries


To help equip as many people as possible, but especially learners in remote, rural and deep-rural areas who do not have access to comprehensive and user-friendly career information, to make a positive contribution to the economy and social prosperity of our country; to ultimately create an awareness of social responsibility that will ensure continuous economic growth and development; providing opportunities to prospective scholars to choose appropriate careers; enhancing their chances of gainful employment and ameliorating society by means of providing career information that is also accessible nationwide, up-dated continuously, improved and upgraded according to the changing environment.


North West Education Department - Life Skills and HIV/AIDS Education Departments

Mpumalanga Education Department

KwaZulu-Natal Education Department

Gauteng Department of Education

BHP Billiton


De Beers

Free State Library Services

Western Cape Library Services


All Educational Institutions: Universities, Universities of Technology, FET/TVET Colleges, Primary and Secondary Schools, Private Higher Education Institutions, private individuals, etc.

Personnel Agencies

THE ULTIMATE CAREER GUIDE 8th Edition - Price R3 415.00 (Volumes 1 - 13); E-book will be available as individual Main Categories, plus Volumes 11 and 12, or individual careers plus Volumes 11 and 12.

Comprehensive Editions of The Ultimate Career Guide were published as follows:

  • 1st Edition: 2000
  • 2nd Edition: 2002
  • 3rd Edition: 2004
  • 4th Edition: 2007
  • 5th Edition: 2009
  • 6th Edition: 2014 Hard Copy in 3 Volumes, E-book
  • 7th Edition: 2021 (E-book)
  • 8th Edition: In production for early 2024
  • Post-publication price @ R3 415.00 (Volumes 1 to 12, Supplementary Volume (Vol 13) with Bursaries and Other Financial Aid). Bulk Order Discount negotiable.

    The Ultimate Career Guide is a high-quality reference work with each edition updated and improved. It is always geared towards supplying up-to-date information in a clear, concise manner to users, assisting them with the precision of career choice and subsequent mapping of a career path. The publication is comprehensive, and contains information on 1 100+ careers and career-related information. The format of the Guide has been changed for the 8th Edition to improve its user-friendliness even more.

    The E-version is A4 in size with 1 600+ pages, colour-coded for easy reference, again including Comments from the Minister of Basic Education, and information on the nine Provincial Education Departments.

    The book is interspersed with short messages and advertisements that supply learners and educators with information on HIV/AIDS - understanding it, living with it and avoiding it. It further addresses various other issues affecting our learners, such as sexual abuse, eating disorders, substance abuse, mental health, rape, women abuse and domestic violence. Motivational messages giving hope and urging learners to think and act responsible are also delivered throughout the book.


    The guide supplies authoritative information to a wide range of readers - to all educational institutions (i.e. Universities, Universities of Technology, TVETs/FETs - Further Education and Training Colleges, Schools), Provincial and Municipal Libraries, Corporate Companies, Psychologists, Personnel Agencies and Private Individuals.

    Book Content
    The publication comprises ten main career categories, some with subcategories:

    MAIN CATEGORY with sub-categories listed in brackets thereafter


    Art: (Linguistic, Musical & Performing, Visual)

    Civil: (General, SANDF, SAPS)

    Computers: (None)

    Medical: (Ancillary, Mainstream)

    Practical: (Skills, Social)

    Science: (Animal, Chemical, Earth, Engineering, Medical, Physical, Plant, Research)

    Social: (Assistance, Community, Teaching)

    Unconventional: (None)


    What does one do in this career?

    What will the workplace be like?

    What are the satisfactory and demanding aspects of this career?

    What instruments, tools or materials will I work with?

    Where can I study?

    What types of companies might employ me after my studies?

    Information on the APS (Admission Point Score)?

    What compulsory subjects and marks do I require to enter?

    What other careers are similar to this one?

    How can I prepare myself for this career?

    Are my personality traits, interests and abilities similar to those recommended below?

    What 1st year subjects can I expect to study?

    How long will I study for?

    Other Career-related information

    Other Career-related information such as: How to help your child choose a career; 4IR; Careers to pique your interest (with hyperlinks); Careers trending in 2025; Careers with Areas of Specialisation; Social Media handles, Facilities available for individuals with disabilities etc.

    Contact details of :

    Educational Institutions (Universities, Universities of Technology, TVET/FET Colleges)

    HIV/AIDS Information; Drugs Helpline, Youthline, Lifeline

    Support, Emergency and Counseling Organisations such as Youthline, Drugs Helpline, Lifeline, SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Grouep(, etc.

    Volunteer Organisations

    Bursaries and other Financial Aid available


    Information on careers is presented from a unique perspective:

    1) An informative description of what each career entails

    2) Important details regarding the specific requirements


    The Ultimate Career Guide is an established and authoritative publication in the career guidance field and supports our aim to provide better information to young people on how to approach their dream of improving their lives and those of their future families. To all our staff and learners attached to the different levels of education institutions in our country, I recommend this guide. Use it to map a journey from school to a rewarding career. Ms Naledi Pandor, former Minister of Education.

    The Ultimate Career Guide is a comprehensive manual filled with important information that is presented colorful and user-friendly. It is also a great way of boosting our learners' interests in the careers which they might pursue. I believe that career guidance is essential in motivating learners to better their grades and achieve more in life. The Ultimate Career Guide comes highly recommended. Mr MC Mokitlane, former MEC - Department of Education (Free State).

    "The role of this book is vital to the ultimate success of all our young people." Mr GA Lucas, MEC - Department of Education (Northern Cape).

    I am a forensic Industrial & Organisational Psychologist whose field of expertise is loss of earnings in individuals who have suffered personal injury of some kind, whether this is as the result of a road accident, medical negligence or public liability. The comprehensive descriptions of the careers in the Guide, including physical, academic and personality requirements, has come in very useful in matters where I have been giving evidence in Court and where I have needed to demonstrate why a person with particular injuries can no longer do the job he or she was doing, prior to being injured. Barbara A. Donaldson Industrial & Counselling Psychologist.

    The Ultimate Career Guide is the best career book that is currently available and I use it extensively in my career counseling. The University of Pretoria has a clinic in which approximately thirty MEd students in educational psychology do their practical work. I know that in my group, the final year students, your book is the most popular. Congratulations on an outstanding product! Antoinette Cook, Educational Psychologist.

    The Ultimate Career Guide is an established, unequalled publication with its 8th Edition soon to be released in hard copy. Its electronic format (e-book), has excellent search facilities. Since its inception, the book has been privileged to have the support and recommendations of all 9 provincial MEC's, including the Ministers of the Departments of Education & Health.

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